Tuesday, June 15, 2010

scallion potato pancake with japaleno

3 scallions
4 large russet potatoes (shredded)
1/3 cup cornstarch
1 jalapeno
canola oil
kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper

prep time: 40 mins.
cook time: 14-15 mins.

you'll first need to shred the potatoes. you can use a food processor with the coarse shredding blade or you can do by hand with a cheese grater. peel the potatoes and shred them. set up a large bowl of cold water and transfer the shredded potatoes into the water, and let sit for about 30 mins. take them out of the water and dry them in a salad spinner or you can wrap up in paper towels and pat dry. transfer the dry shredded potatoes into a large bowl, and add the cornstarch. mix together evenly.

heat some canola oil in a 10-inch nonstick frying pan over a medium to medium high heat. when the oil becomes hot place one-eighth of the shredded potatoes in the pan, gently spreading into an 8-9 inch circle. do not press down on the potatoes... DO NOT. there will be a mound, but in the end of cooking they will naturally flatten. season with salt, pepper, a pinch of paprika, add a couple sliced scallions (cut on a diagonal), and a few jalapeno slices. carefully spread another one-eighth of the potatoes on top. DO NOT press down. then cook for 7 mins. to brown the bottom. if the pan starts to become dry then just add a bit more oil.

flip the pancake to brown the other side and cook for another 7 mins. and do not move the pancake in the pan. after the second side is brown and crisp transfer to a cutting board and let rest for a couple mins. if you do want to keep them warm while cooking the other 3 pancakes then you can transfer them to the oven on a baking sheet on about 200 degrees.

cut each pancake in half and cover again with salt, pepper, scallions, jalapeno and a sprinkle of paprika.

serves 4 (1 potato per person)

serve on a plate, and enjoy. :)



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